Thank you. Let me just say this, I think that Bennett is the best! I have worked for a few different agency’s through the years and I can say without reservation that Bennett is the best! Maria and Joe are most impressive and very skilled and focused and they were able to plug my talents into the situation here at Imris and it has worked out great.

I have been very effective in meeting Imris’ needs and also my own. I am so happy that Maria contacted me. I consider it a big win for all of us. I wish you all the best and I have no reservations in recommending Bennett to others.

Ross Anderson, Senior Buyer, IMRIS, Inc

Elizabeth has served on our TSE, Inc. Board of Directors since July of 2006. She has brought a broad business sense to our TSE Board of Directors as well as strong Marketing knowledge that has prompted us to strengthen our goals and opportunities, especially in the Marketing area. In addition, Elizabeth has dedication to the mission of TSE, “Enriching lives through employment and community connections".

March 10, 2009

Elizabeth's character impressed me by her willingness to extend sound advice and encouragement as I was transitioning from a direct hire career to independent corp-to-corp contracting. In those early days the business world was a scary place! Many recruiters contacted me but Elizabeth was unique because she followed through, taking considerable time to advise me, when she herself had absolutely nothing to gain from her advice! A year or so later, my wife also met with Elizabeth several times and was greatly impressed with her. I unhesitatingly highly recommend Elizabeth Palmiter as a recruiter of of the highest integrity. She is someone that you can trust to serve YOUR needs rather than her own.

April 20, 2009